5 Best Funny Facebook Status Quotes

funny facebook status

Facebook has become the latest craze recently. Indeed, it is one of the most popular social networking sites. What makes facebook different from its counterparts is its rapport for funny statuses and obviously ultra funny facebook quotes cannot stay far behind.The users come up with inventing weirdly funny statuses and funny facebook quotes. So much so, that it has now become mandatory for all the users of facebook to come up with funny statuses and funny facebook status quotes. People do this in order to have fun; sometimes it even turns into a game- or worse, a competition.

What makes facebook unique is when people award these funny status and funny facebook quotes by liking their status and appreciating it. Then it actually boosts their ego and self-confidence. Moreover, when it is observed that the number of users liking a particularly funny statuses or even funny facebook quotes – it gives an incentive to other users to do the same. This is exactly what makes them so popular with the users. However, there is so much more to these merely funny statuses and funny facebook quotes. Actually, a lot of thought process goes behind their creation. At times, any incident can instigate such funny facebook quotes or funny statuses.

Why to Post Funny Status on Facebook?

People may wonder, whether these are a mere waste of time. As most people often renovate famous quotes or funny jokes according to their needs. There simply cannot be any didactic purpose to such silly concepts of updating one’s status by adding any funny facebook quotes or even funny statuses, right? The answer is NO! These funny ramblings do have a very noble purpose. In short, these in fact make great contributions in reducing the numbers of pessimistic and depressing vibes from the world. Aren’t there enough epoch epics and natural disasters ripping the world of happiness and peace? There is enough hate in this world. At least when someone tries to spread positive vibes, people should let them. They can make someone’s day! Literally.

5 Best Funny Facebook Status Quotes

Following are the 5 best funny facebook status quotes which you can use to update your facebook status to spread smiles and happiness in your friends.

  • Sometimes you run into people who just make your day more bearable. Those people are called bartenders.
  • I’m at the point in my life where “friend with benefits” just means a person who gives me their Bed Bath & Beyond coupons.
  • What this country needs is more unemployed politicians…
  • If there are ice cream trucks in the summer, why aren’t there hot chocolate trucks in the winter?
  • During the first two weeks of January, people often resolve to lose weight, which is great for me because the line at Golden Corral is much shorter.

Have you ever wondered how these apparently silly and funny statuses and funny facebook quotes can do wonders for people? They can actually spread a smile across someone’s face-anyone who has had a bad day can get a spark of light, or a ray of hope. Moreover, to think about making people happy around you actually contributes to a happier, optimistic world – All because of these funny statuses and funny facebook quotes!