Father’s Day Quotes | Best Quotes for Father’s Day 2017

father's day quotes

People are searching for when is fathers day. A day which is the day celebrated in honor of the great person in this world which we call Father. This day is celebrated to honor all the fathers in this world.

When is Fathers Day This Year?

Mrs. Sonora Dodd is believed to be the first person suggested the idea of celebrating Father’s Day in honor of fathers in 1909. The first Father’s day was celebrated in USA on 19th June, 1910. On this day people used to honor their fathers or like persons who have a great contribution and a huge impact in their lives. Everyone has their own way to celebrate Father’s day. Some people share cards, gifts or flowers to their lovable fathers, some prefer to go out for dinner with and some spend the whole day with their fathers. The main goal of this wonderful day is to honor fathers and make them feel that how special they are.

The children make a special day for their first hero, first lover, the man who cares about them most and give them whatever they want in their life. But when is fathers day? If you forget that when is fathers day in this year then you are at the good place. You should not forget the day which is the day to show your love and respect to the most special person in this world. We all keep us busy in our daily lives and sometimes we forget about what we have around us. The people who love us who cares about us. So if you do not know when is fathers day this year then we have the solution to your problem. Fathers day in 2017 is going to be celebrated on 18 June. And it will be Sunday. So you can give a great surprise to your father.

Best 5 Father Day Quotes

Here are five best every “Father’s day quotes” which you can share with your father to wish him on this delightful day.

  • Your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever
  • Thanks for being always there Pops”.- Happy Father’s Day
  • It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father
  • I’m glad to have you, dad.” – Happy Fathers day!
  • “No matter Dad how much you scold me, I know it’s for my good; you’re the best and always will be.”-Happy Fathers Day!

Father’s day is special and there should be a unique idea to  celebrate it. Unique Fathers day ideas can make this day more special for your father. A different idea to surprise your father with love can make him happier. You can give different gifts to your father but you should know something about which type of gifts he expect. To select best gift for your father, you have to take a look on these fathers day ideas.  So here are the best Fathers day ideas which you can use to impress your Dad and make his day more special and unique. Check Out the Best Fathers Day QuotesUnique Fathers Day Ideas